Unlike any salt on Earth

Real Salt® is the only sea salt from an ancient deposit near Redmond, Utah. We harvest it underground and leave it just as nature created it – unrefined, with a subtle, sweet flavor you’ll love.

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Is your salt real?

 Recommended by healthcare providers

 Preferred by chefs

 Only pink salt from an ancient sea in USA

 60+ natural trace minerals

 A flavor unlike any salt on Earth

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Where does Real Salt come from?

Real Salt is an all-natural sea salt that comes from our underground salt deposit in Central Utah. The deposit was left there by a pristine ancient sea that covered much of North America millions of years ago.

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Pristine Sea

Real Salt comes from an ancient sea bed, unadulterated by pollutants found in modern day seas.

Single Source

We own the salt deposit and control the entire process from the mine to the store shelf.


Real Salt comes from right here in the USA, which means less food miles and a smaller carbon footprint.

Solar Powered

We’ve installed enough solar panels at our Redmond, Utah location to power almost all of our operations there.

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Real Salt is a product of Redmond.