Why Isn’t Real Salt Organic?

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Real Salt is pure, not chemically altered, and exactly how nature made it, so why isn’t it certified organic? The answer is actually quite simple: salt can’t be certified organic. 

To be certified organic, a food product has to be an organic—or living—compound. Sodium chloride, which is what 97% of Real Salt is comprised of (the last 3% is those trace minerals we’re so fond of), is an inorganic—or non-living—compound. Certifying a product as organic affirms that no chemicals or prohibited substances or practices were used in the product’s growing process…and since salt doesn’t grow, it doesn’t qualify. (Just to further confuse you, Real Salt seasoning salts are certified organic. While the salt itself is still not certified organic for the stated reasons, the seasoning salts as a whole bear the certification because the herbs and spices in them were living and have been certified organic.)

Without organic certification, how can you be sure our salt is a clean product? Real Salt is listed as an organic ingredient by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI). An OMRI listings meet the same quality standards that you expect from your certified organic products. You can see our OMRI certificate here. Real Salt is also certified Kosher as well as Halal. Both certifications require strict standards of cleanliness in production and freedom from cross-contamination from myriad other ingredients.

Maybe we’ve eased your mind about organic standards, but you’re worried about allergens. You can rest easy. Real Salt is produced in dedicated facilities that have never been used for other products. No gluten, nuts, seeds, eggs, soy, milk, or other common allergens have ever touched our production lines, and they never will. There are no additives or anti-caking agents in Real Salt, either—just high-quality salt and 60+ trace minerals, now and always.  

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