Who uses Real Salt?

A lot of our customers use Real Salt because of the health benefits they get from using a natural salt with 60+ trace minerals, but it isn’t only health food shoppers who love Real Salt.

Chefs and Food Lovers

Real Salt has a unique taste that complements and enhances the natural flavor of foods. Chefs in world-class restaurants insist on Real Salt because it helps their creations taste their best, and celebrity chefs with health-conscious clients love Real Salt!

A Real Salt customer shared a picture of Melissa Costello, personal chef to Tony Horton (fitness coach of P90x fame), explaining why she likes using Real Salt.

Patients (and Doctors!)

Despite salt’s bad reputation, we receive a steady stream of emails from customers who credit Real Salt with helping control blood pressure, water retention, and other health problems.

“I love your salt. It’s really helped with my high blood pressure. Thank you!”
James in Michigan

“My neighbor said all his muscles were cramping and his feet felt  like balls of fire. I gave him a teaspoon of Real Salt and told him to follow it with two glasses of water. He found me 20 minutes later to tell me the pain was completely gone!”
Dr. Walter Peterson


Here’s a Real Salt tip we learned from our customers: If you’re on a long run, hike, or bike ride and your legs begin cramping, rip open a Real Salt sample packet, dump it on your tongue, and chase it down with a little water. Your cramping will stop in mere seconds! (Scientists have observed similarly impressive cramping control with pickle juice, but we think it’s easier to keep a few 1.4 gram packets of Real Salt in your jersey.)

Food Producers

“Vital Choice customers are extremely health conscious, and include many nutritionists and physicians who look to us to provide the healthiest possible foods. We use Real Salt in many of our products for its superior flavor and nutritional characteristics. Our custom packed canned albacore tuna with Real Salt is among our most popular products, with customers constantly telling us it’s the best they’ve ever tasted. While we use great care in selecting premium fish, I have no doubt that Real Salt deserves some of the credit for this product’s great taste and commercial success.”
Randy Harnell
President, Vital Choice Seafood

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  • Kevin K. says:

    Anybody can answer whether this realsalt is good for low blood pressure ?

  • Luna says:

    The realsalt is perfect !

  • Mike S. says:

    Hey Kevin, I’m surprised nobody has answered your question yet. I am not a doctor, but as I understand it, odds are that your low blood pressure is due to dehydration. How do you raise it? Drink lot’s of water, but thats not all. Water alone will not take care of dehydration. It is entirely possible that you can drink water all day and remain dehydrated. Your body may simply pass it right through you. In order for your body to hold the water you need, salt and electrolytes are required. Eat a little salt, drink a little water. Or better yet Just put 1/4 tsp of salt in your glass of water. Table salt, ok I guess, but a healthier unrefined option is of course preferred. By the way, dehydration is practically an epidemic in our society. Is it because people don’t drink enough water? Not even… sadly it is because the media has us so convinced that salt is the enemy that people dare not partake. Witness the recent deaths by otherwise healthy marathon runners whose bodies crashed out for lack of salt. Was the diagnosis that they should have eaten more salt (and water)? No… the doctors said they should have consumed less water because it diluted their salt reserves. Absolutely brilliant…

  • Sandy Enyeart says:

    A few years back one of my sons was getting married to a young Japanese woman and the wedding was to be held in Japan. I was told it was important to bring gifts for her relatives. I had purchased native american jewelry for her parents and grandmother and various other items. My son-in-law (from Utah) suggested I bring some Redmond sea salt as a gift. I thought he was nuts (that was the first I’d ever heard of your salt), but since I was out of ideas I brought a 9 oz container of the salt with me as a ‘just-in-case’ type gift. When we went to my future daughter-in-law’s home to meet her family, there was an unexpected additional Japanese family member (her aunt) in attendance that I had not planned on being there. So I pulled out the Redmond RealSalt and gave it to her. She got incredibly excited for a gift of salt and I couldn’t understand a word she said. One of my sons translated for me. It turns out she is a gourmet cook and teaches gourmet cooking there in Kumamoto, Japan. She had heard of Redmond’s sea salt and had wanted some, but had no way of getting any. When I handed her the container of salt she was ecstatic and my ‘just-in-case’ gift turned out to be the best gift I could have given her (seemed very thoughtful of me – ha!). I came home from Japan determined to try your salt myself and have been using it for all my cooking and on the table ever since.

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