Real Salt is an all-natural sea salt taken from an ancient sea bed in Central Utah. Since none of us were around to tell you exactly how the salt deposit formed, we turned to geologists for answers.

According to geologists, the Real Salt deposit is the remnant of an ancient inland sea, probably part of what they call the Sundance Sea, which places the deposit within the Jurassic Period. Over time, the salt that settled at the bottom of the sea was trapped within the earth and then pushed up near the surface close to the town of Redmond, Utah.

The deposit occurs with over 60+ natural trace minerals which gives the salt its unique color, unique flavor, and numerous health benefits.  Because the Real Salt deposit comes from an ancient sea bed, nature created the salt long before the earth experienced any pollution or contaminants that are troubling our oceans today.

The Real Salt deposit begins about 30 feet below the surface, covered by a layer of bentonite clay, which has protected it from erosion and from the possibility of modern contamination.

The mining process

Real Salt is currently harvested about 300 feet below the surface of the earth. The deposit is huge, so we carefully follow the food-grade veins and harvest the salt using carbide-tipped equipment that basically scrapes the salt off the walls of the mine. From there, the salt is screened and crushed to size before being shipped to our food-grade facility in Northern Utah. Real Salt is packaged after passing through a final automatic screening to be sure no metal residue or contaminants were introduced during the process.

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  • john ferendino says:

    how much of real salt should i consume daily?

  • Real Salt Real Salt says:

    Different people recommend different things, John, even with natural salts like Real Salt. (The answer for processed salts is 0 mg per day – yuck!)

    The daily recommend allowance is 2300 mg of salt, but Dr. David Brownstein, Dr. Batmanghelidj, and others believe our bodies need more than that. (Dr. Brownstein even wrote a book called “Salt Your Way to Health”.) Both of these medical doctors recommend we salt our food liberally and also add salt to the water that we drink (generally about ΒΌ teaspoon per quart). The two brands of salt they recommend are Real Salt and Celtic Sea Salt, because most other brands have been heated or had key natural minerals removed.

  • chente umanzor says:

    I have recently read in an article on a website that underground mined salt may contain radioactive elements because of leaching from radioactive/nuclear sites underground. I have tried in vain to find out whether Real Salt is included in this concern. Do you have any comments on this?

  • Jane Kim says:

    Best salt I have ever tasted 55 years. I would strongly recommend this product to everyone.
    Unfortunately, Korean grocery story I frequently visit in Englewood, New Jersey does not carry this any longer. Instead, I go to Whole Foods in Edgewater, New Jersey.
    Hope everyone try the product and continue to stay healthy.

  • I never knew that salt tasted so good untill I had Real Salt. What a fantastic flavour. I’ll always use Real Salt from now on. Thanks for a great product.

  • Erech Hilbun says:

    Thank you for the article, I have been researching salt, and I have been pushed towards Himalayan salt, until a kind lady told that Real Salt, or Utah-pink was her favorite, which led me to your article.

    As I said, thank you very much; Erech.

  • Real Salt Real Salt says:

    Seriously late response, Chente–technical problems on our part. But here’s a blog post that addresses your question specifically.

  • brent says:

    couple years ago i ran into 2 little old ladies who i guess deliver Real Salt, in Utah i think…I ended up buying a bag and love it then and still…

  • I am the Director of the Bikram Yoga College of India in Costa Mesa, CA. We have been using Real Salt in our studio fir 2 years.
    We practice the “original hot” yoga, 105 degrees with 35% humidity. All classes are 90 min.
    Real Salt is provided at the studio free of charge for students to put in their water to help avoid dehydration and to replenish ALL the minerals, naturally, in their bodies. Students love it! They feel great and with all the sweating/detoxing they go thru during class, it’s a miracle how the Real Salt quickly replenishs the lost minerals during class with NO added unhealthy sugars. We provide coconut water in addition for the sugar needed. Thank you Real Salt!! Our 30 thousand plus students thank you too! Patrice

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