Where Does Real Salt Come From and Why Does It Matter?

By February 12th, 20182 Comments
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You may have heard that Real Salt is the only pink salt mined in America, or even that it comes from an ancient ocean in Utah (What? An ocean in Utah? But isn’t it mined? Stick around, we’ll explain that.), but what does any of that matter? Maybe you are driving a foreign car with awesome gas mileage, wearing shoes made on another continent, or reading this on a phone that definitely wasn’t manufactured locally, and wondering why you should care where your salt is sourced. What difference will that make? Besides, American salt sounds a lot less exotic than some of those other salts, right? Maybe so, but sometimes “exotic” isn’t as good as it sounds.

Let’s start at the beginning.

In prehistoric times, there was an inland sea covering what is now Redmond, Utah, known as Sundance Sea. That sea is gone, but its remnants are a large, pristine, underground salt deposit—which is why even though our salt lives deep in the earth, it’s actually sea salt. Because it’s been protected for millions of years under layers of volcanic ash and bentonite clay, it hasn’t been exposed to the man-made pollutants and contaminants plaguing the modern ocean. This means Real Salt is precisely how nature intended it to be. Because we source Real Salt from a single deposit instead of a variety of mines across a region, you can be assured that you will get a consistent, quality product now and for many years to come.

So, now you know where Real Salt comes from geographically and geologically, but there’s more to it than that. We’re guessing that if you are thinking about buying Real Salt or already do, you’re the sort of person who cares about real, clean ingredients and the world around you, so you’d probably be pleased to know that when you buy Real Salt, you are buying salt that is mined using sustainable practices, with an awareness of environmental impact. Our mines are room-and-pillar mines, as opposed to open pit mines, which lessens the effect of mining on the surface of the earth. They are solar-powered by two solar fields, which helps reduce our carbon footprint. We also have a mine reclamation bond, so should the day come that we close down our mines, the land can be restored.

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As a consumer of Real Salt, you are supporting a sustainable, environmentally-conscious company and reducing your own carbon footprint with fewer food miles. Sure, your car and phone and shoes may be from overseas, but you probably buy a lot more salt than you do cars, right? And just because you bought one thing from China doesn’t mean you should buy everything from China, yeah? That’s like saying that if you’ve ever had a piece of cake, you should never go to the gym again because hypocrite. That’s not how it works. Know better, do better. There’s also the possibility that the only way to get the best quality product when it comes to your shoes, car, or gadgets is to outsource—fortunately, Real Salt is world-class salt, mined in America. You can’t get better quality anywhere in the world.

Choosing Real Salt also means choosing a product made with ethical labor practices. At Redmond, we adhere to the best practices in labor and safety, pay our employees a living wage, and offer opportunities for both personal and professional development. Choosing Real Salt means putting money back into our economy and supporting job growth to boot. And here you thought you were just seasoning your food.

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  • Alan M. Kapuler PhD says:

    Does Real Salt contain any mercury or other toxic minerals?

  • gwenh says:

    Hi Dr. Kapuler, Real Salt does not contain mercury. Here is a full mineral analysis you can look over.

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