What are the colored specks in Real Salt?

Real Salt’s unique “pinkish” appearance and flecks of color come from more than 60 natural trace minerals, including iodine. By contrast, other common “table salts” are white because of bleaching and refining.

We had an independent lab create a Real Salt Mineral Analysis to determine which trace minerals appear in Real Salt.

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  • Kelly says:

    I”ve been wondering for a long time what the 60 trace minerals in Real Salt are and I clicked on the analysis link on your site, but it doesn’t appear to work. Can you send me the analysis of exactly what is in your salt and I’d also like to know, if you know, if any of them should be limited, because we eat a lot of salt.

    Also, you may not know this, but I’ve been looking into making my own sauerkraut, which calls for cabbage and salt mostly. A few recipes mentioned that you should used non-iodized salt, but one said she likes to use pink Himalayan salt. Is your salt considered iodized and since it also is pink, is it Himalayan? I’m just wondering if I can use it to make sauerkraut…Kelly

  • Real Salt Real Salt says:


    Thanks for the questions. Here’s the mineral analysis; let us know if it isn’t working for you.

    Because Real Salt is exactly as nature made it, you don’t need to worry about getting too much. The minerals are in a perfect ratio devised by nature, and we think that’s one reason customers tell us Real Salt is the only salt they can use that doesn’t affect blood pressure, water retention, etc.

    Most Himalayan pink salts are great. They’re geologically similar to Real Salt and neither Real Salt or Himalayan salts have been iodized. Here’s a discussion of the differences between Himalayan and Real Salt, the most notable being that since Himalayan salts are shipped from Pakistan they tend to be more expensive than Real Salt, which only has to travel from Utah to get to your store shelves.

    You can definitely use Real Salt for sauerkraut — many customers have been for years, and it’s a healthy, delicious alternative to chemically processed salts out there.

  • Rebecca Ho says:

    I found that the colored specks couldn’t dissolved in boiling water. Is it safe to eat them? Can they be digested and passed out from the body? Please advise.

    Thank you for your attention.

  • Real Salt Real Salt says:

    (So many tardy replies — forgive us for a configuration error that kept us from seeing your comments!)

    Rebecca, I think this blog post should answer your questions about Real Salt’s texture.

  • Wendy PP says:

    It is safe to gargle with RealSalt and use in my netipot to fluch my sinuses?

  • Real Salt Real Salt says:

    It sure is, Wendy. We do it regularly!

  • Linda Auerbach says:

    Not all the minerals dissolved. They left a sandy texture in my mouth. Will they cause gall stones?

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