Real Salt: The Evolution of a Brand

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As a follow-up to our last post about the new Real Salt packaging, we thought we might show you what Real Salt packaging has looked like throughout the years and answer a few specific questions. This picture shows Real Salt shakers from the early ’80s to today.



The Real Salt look most of you are familiar with was first used about twenty years ago, and it was the first time we included “Redmond” in the logo. We took the word Redmond out in this version, but Real Salt is still owned by Redmond and Redmond still has the same private ownership we’ve had for years.

A lot of you also noticed we removed the word “Ancient” from the label, and wondered if that reflected a change in the way we process Real Salt. It doesn’t. We’re still 100% natural, delivering salt to you just the way nature intended.

If you have a question about our new packaging, go ahead and leave a comment here, ask us on Facebook, or call us at 1-800-367-7258.

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