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Gluten-Free-on-a-Budget-Cookbook“Real Salt is the only salt we recommend. With Real Salt we can elevate the flavor of every dish in a way we wouldn’t be able to otherwise. We love knowing that we are doing our body good in the process.”
-Chandice Probst & Tana Besendorfer
Gluten Free on a Budget

The Fallacy of the Calorie book“Salt is necessary for life. It is essential to create properly seasoned and delicious food. I love the complexity and richness that Real Salt adds. With over sixty trace minerals, they do not need to add or remove anything; it is perfectly balanced by Nature. Real Salt makes real food real scrumptious.”
-Dr. Michael S. Fenster, MD
The Fallacy of the Calorie

30eatcleandinnerscover“Real Salt is an important part of our lifestyle . . . We love the distinctively delicious flavor it imparts on our food and the fact that it comes in its natural state—without additives, chemicals or heat processing.”
-Ivy Larson
30 Eat Clean Dinners

LivingBeyondOrganic“An excellent source of organic sodium, Real Salt is key to alkalizing, detoxifying, and rejuvenating your whole body.”
-Christina Avaness
Living Beyond Organic

TheTruthAboutBeauty“The amazing taste, affordability, and natural balance of Real Salt is why it is a staple is my Total Transformation® programs and my own kitchen.”
-Kat James
The Truth About Beauty


cookbook-cover-HR-no-bleedAs a Nutritional Therapist I try to educate my clients on purchasing a healthy Sea Salt since we all need a balance of minerals. Real Salt is one of the few that lists the minerals on the label including Iodine which is needed for a healthy thyroid! It’s also the best tasting!
-Dana Luchini, NTP
Healthy Aging Diet


My Little SoHo Kitchen book cover

“Cooking with Real Salt has taken my cooking to a whole new level and I appreciate every little grain that I sprinkle and use in my dishes.”
-Michelle Tchea
My Little SoHo Kitchen


The Fallacy of the Calorie book“As a Holistic Nutritionist, I’m constantly being asked by clients about cutting sodium and how much can they have because they “know it’s bad.” Once I introduce them to Real Salt and tell them about trace minerals, they are relieved to know that Real Salt is good for them. I carry a small shaker with me wherever I go.”
-Karen Roth, MSNC
Holistic Nutrtionist
I Married a Nutritionist: Things I’ve Learned That Every Guy Should Know 

“I recommend Real Salt Onion Salt to my readers because I want them to know that healthy meals are not the bland taste some people think they are, especially when they’re seasoned with flavorful, alkalizing, and healthy spices like Real Salt Onion Salt.”
-Beverly Oliver
Sojourn to Healthy Eating



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