Meditating in the Real Salt mine

By May 15th, 2017One Comment

If you’ve ever had a crazy day and wished you could just escape from it all by meditating in  an ancient salt deposit, we know a guy you can envy.

Zen Master Hung, Chi-Sung, is one of the most famous meditation teachers in Taiwan, practicing and teaching mediation for over 30 years. He has taught at several universities, companies, organizations, and government offices and authored more than 100 books, and he recently dropped by the Real Salt mine to meditate.

Are you curious what he thought of the experience? Master Hung said the energy in our mine is “amazing” and “a powerful cleanser of the body and mind.” Maybe that explains why our miners are so darn content all the time!



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  • Eduardo Alarcon says:

    Cool story!! I actually noticed that during my Nei Gong (internal chi gong) and Tai Chi practice that the energy flowed easier and happier through my body, just after a day of taking 3/4 a tbsp of Real Salt and drinking 11 glasses of water.
    Thanks! Great product!

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