Isn’t Real Salt more expensive?

Even when used liberally, a family of four will likely use only one 26 oz. pouch of Real Salt® every five to six months. So actually, the daily cost of Real Salt® is less than a penny. Given the high cost of food these days and the fact that salt is the primary ingredient responsible for taste in food, it makes sense to use something natural that really enhances-rather than masks-the natural flavor of foods! Additionally, the rich savour of Real Salt means using less salt.

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  • Debi says:

    Personally, with how much flavor Real Salt adds to our foods I don’t consider it expensive at all…and I’m a serious couponer (In this instance I mean price very commonly drives what I purchase). I’m out of it right now (got any coupons? 🙂 !!) and we’re all not liking the white stuff…yuck!

    Seriously though – we’ve being using this salt for over 4 years now and we LOVE it!

  • Pamela Krumvieda says:

    It amazes me how much people will spend on food services from the drive-thru, restaurants and coffee houses but balk at salt costing pennies a day. Oh wait, I get it, getting “expensive” salt means actually cooking at home, oh the horror.

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