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Your product was given to me by a neighbor. What I noticed was the “Is your salt real?” question. I did the test and I…

Posted by Nicole Ortiz on Sunday, August 23, 2015



When you think you are going to get one of these for free and the company sends you this! Best early birthday gift ever!…

Posted by Danielle Oudenhoven on Friday, August 7, 2015



Used Real Salt on dinner tonight and we are thoroughly pleased. Love this stuff 🙂

Posted by Ashley G Thompson on Wednesday, June 17, 2015


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Even more glowing reviews

These are only a few excerpts of many letters in our files from happy users of Real Salt. Because every body is different, we do not claim that these results will hold true for everyone and encourage those concerned with their level of salt intake to consult their physcian.

“I went to an iridologist working in Fort Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan, Canada, and he prescribed it for me. My husband and I love it and use nothing else. We have introduced it to several others with high blood pressure who are now using it.”
Linda Bradley, Kailua-Kona HI

“After a long summer of babying heirloom tomato plants the payoff is so much more tasty using Real Salt!!!”
Deni Conrad, Sparks, NV

“We think your salt is absolutely the best and can hardly abide so-called regular salt on our food now. Thank you for such a wonderful product”
Jan Jones, Denver, Colorado

“I have been addicted to RealSalt since my first try. NOTHING compares. Thanks for a great product!”
Patricia Banse, Westbrook, Maine

“I am a person who has in the past had dangerously high blood pressure. Due to much prayer and using your wonderful salt, it is now brought down to a good level.”
Judith A Reichil, Menahga, Minnesota

“How can salt taste so different? Well, we’re hooked.”
Dan Russo, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

“Real Salt is the only salt I have used that doesn’t bother my blood pressure and also has a great taste.”
Esther Wilson, Kansas City, Kansas

“With my husband’s heart as bad as it is and the congestive heart failure as progressed as it is, I was extremely impressed with RealSalt. While we used it, his fluid retention dropped dramatically. He was able to reduce his Lasix intake without reducing his fluid intake and his doctor was very impressed too.”
Beth Garner, Reddick, Florida

“Your salt is the only kind I use-unequaled.”
Anneka W. Lambert, Downey, California

“I hope you realize how good this salt you have is. It flavors food so well. Food does not taste good without it.”
Irene Walquist, Idaho Falls, Idaho

“I’ll continue to use your salt for the rest of my life…. I could never go back to anything else.”
George Stoddard, Wilsonville, Oregon

“I ordered a 2 oz. sample of your realsalt. My husband LOVED it! He reacted entirely TOO enthusiastically for a SALT! He says (and I agree) that the flavor is completely different from regular table salt…sweeter…or something…Im not sure. But whatever it is…we like it and will keep it on our table from now on! Thanks!”

“I live in Switzerland and I could not find real salt here. My stock of RealSalt is depleted, and I could not find a salt that is only nearly as tasty as RealSalt. Today I have tried to find your company on the internet and I have found you…Shipment is darn expensive but it’s worth it. Great that you ship worldwide!”
Diego Muehlematter, Wuennewil, CH

“Superior, nuanced flavor! Ordinary salt seems one-dimensional beside it. ”
C. Caballero, Lafayette, CO

“I have high blood pressure and I am very sensitive to salt. However, Real Salt does not seem to affect my blood pressure at all! Thanks to Real Salt, I have not had to give up salt completely. It has a very pleasant taste as well, even in comparison to Hain’s and other gourmet salts. ”
J. A. White, Baltimore, MD

“Good salt. I am so spoiled now I cannot use [any] other salt…Taste is so much milder, not bitter. I find I actually use less RealSalt than regualr salt. I carry Real Salt with me on trips.”
David F. Barker, Dunalp, TN

“I am 63 and have used your product for a few years now, have recommended it to friends. Have seen it cure gout, restless legs, flexability, etc.”
Joseph Maddox, Cadiz, KY

“You always get what you pay for. You can pay 99 cents a pound for potassium chloride, highly processed, loaded with aluminum DeathSalt; OR…You can use the expensive spread. You can actually obtain the Rolls Royce of Salt…It’s called Real Salt. You get it at Redmond Minerals in Utah. Treat yourself! God Bless ya all, Redmond. ”
Henry Walthall, Moundsville, WV

“I love your salt. It’s really helped with my high blood pressure. Thank You.”
James Lumzy, Southfield, MI

“Just wanted to let you know you have a great product. Yes food can taste better if you have the right condiments-and RealSalt is a great beginning. Great flavor and healthful natural nutrients make a great product-can’t do without it. Thanks a million.”
Fernando Carboni, Albuquerque, NM

“Tom my neighbor (with several physical problems) was complaining that his feet felt like two balls of fire and all his muscles were cramping, and he couldn’t help work with me and had to lay down. I went next door and got two teaspoons of Real Salt, went back, gave him one in his mouth, told him to suck it till it salivated then drink two glasses of water. He did, lay down for 20 minutes and came back saying, ‘I have no pain.’ That was seven months ago. Tom uses Real Salt all the time and takes extra often AND hasn’t had a pain since then. My herb person that told me about Real Salt twenty years ago, said that it was probably due to the Calcium content and possibly its working with Real Salt Minerals, that did the trick. I always take Real Salt whenever I have muscle pains.”
Dr. Walter Peterson

“After using Real Salt, regular salt is BLAH!”
Arthur Garrison, Norton, VA

“I’ve used Real Salt for the past four years and there is no going back!!!!!!!!”
Barbara Skjonsby, Queen Creek, AZ

“I heard about RealSalt through the Watercure 2 program. They recommend Celtic Sea Salt or RealSalt. I tried all three varieties of Celtic Sea Salt. RealSalt tastes better, gives me more energy, and is cheaper than Celtic Sea Salt!”
Carl Willems, Akron, OH

“Terrific salt that enhances popcorn like no other salt I’ve ever consumed…”
Jeff Clow, Corinth, TX

“I’ve been using RealSalt for about 6 months and I just love the taste. It seems to make everything taste a bit better.”
Judy Green, Manchester, TN

“It’s the only salt that doesn’t cause me to retain water. If it wasn’t for this salt, I would have to give up salt.”
Dianne Gambill, Schenectady, NY

“Thank you for offering RealSalt! We have been using it exclusively for 3 years now. It is the best salt in the world!”
Anna Golson, Gainesville, FL

“My Chiropractor is also a Nutritionist and has Realsalt in his ofice to sell. I retain water and he felt this would be very helpful as opposed to regular store bought refined table salt. I love it! It has helped so much and tastes so much better. I am slowly introducing it to some of my skeptical family members. I appreciate there being a healthier alternative out there. Thank you.”
Nancy Mecadon, Altamont, IL

“I bought it as a souvenir when I was in Salt Lake City UT for the 4life Research Convention 2004. I LOVE IT!!!”
Beth Obenreder, Venus, PA

“I first tried your salt in Utah. Ohhh this is some good salt, even better is the season salt. Very wonderful flavor and perfect on EVERYTHING I love it. Thanks!”
Emily Greeley, Indianapolis, IN

“Thank you for putting us on your retail store locator. We already received 2 customers from it.”
Lalita Surrey, North Arlington, NJ

“A friend gave me a jar in 2002 when my mother was real ill before her passing in November. I liked it, because it was not so strong. Now I find myself on a low sodium diet, and while I have a low salt threshhold, I still like to cook some veggies with just a little. In comparing labels, I find that this salt not only tastes much better, but has about 1/6 the amount of sodium as regular salt. I am so happy to find your website. Wonderful!”
Frances McCoy, Queen City, TX

“My family and I really love to cook with this product because it does not take a lot of it to make the food good. Real Salt also allows us to enjoy our food and also watch our salt intake daily.”
Linda Hudson, Midfield, AL

“Found a small shaker of gourmet salt and my husband and I loved it. Looked on label and found this web site to order more of this great tasting salt. Wonderful surprise to see so many different salts and products. I will be a return customer. I have read Dr. Rubin’s book – The Maker’s Diet and he recommends ‘sea salt’.”
Charleen Singer, Saint Cloud, MN

“MAN…coming from the West Coast foodie network I thought we had tried the best of the best salt but I was definitely blown away by RealSalt.”
Kristen Gates, Sacramento, CA

“I test products for the National Health and Wellness Club. I received a sample shaker of the salt. I am very satisfied with it! I am on a diet plan that cuts out most sodium. I am glad to say that using this product has not affected my weight loss results. My husband and I will definitely continue to use this salt.”
Edna Hall, Henderson, KY

“We use real salt where ever we go and continually promote it’s great taste and health properties. I also recommend it to all of my cliients, I am a Kinesiologist”
Cheryl McElroy, Citrus Heights, CA

“Wonderful product!! It’s so good that I’m giving “Real Salt” as Christmas presents!!”
John Ensign, Las Vegas, NV

“Your salt is amazing. I had been buying a shaker (4.75 oz. size) to travel with and leave with whomever I stayed with. (Now that I’ve discovered that you make a travel size, I”m going to buy those.” Everyone I share it with has gotten hooked!”
Julia Rogers Hamrick, Denver, CO

“We placed our first order last year and have used it almost all up and can’t stand the idea of being without it. My swelling stopped and I think it is from the trace minerals in the Redmond Mineral salt. I started adding Redmond Mineral salt to Spring water (forget the plain water …no minerals!) and things started improving for me alot. This product is true to what it says!”
Patricia Holmes, Waukegan, IL

“Steve Hendrixson gave me a bottle of the clay in a gift basket. I wouldn’t be with out it now. Thanks, Joan”
Joan Alipour, Bessemer, AL

“My wife and I like to make homemade salsa from our garden in the summer. The recipe we use calls for salt. If we made a batch and did not finish it, the next day it would not taste as good as it was when made fresh. Then one day I heard about Real Salt and bought some. The next time we made salsa we used the Real Salt instead of the table salt we normally used. We did not finish that batch of salsa right away and put the remainder in the fridge for the next day. The next day, the salsa tasted as good as if it were fresh. Must have been the salt. Now we use Real Salt on everything!”
Joe, Lafayette, CO

“I went on a business trip to Ogden and bought a small container of this salt…needless to say I should have bought a case!!! It’s incredibly mild, yet imparts taste unknown. I will never, ever, go back to any other salt. Keep up the good work. THE ABSOLUTE BEST SALT I HAVE EVER TRIED…”
Laura Wilkinson, California MD

“My husband and I use nothing but RealSalt on all our foods now. Glad my order arrived so quickly since we were getting very low in our only RealSalt Sampler container. I bought a small sampler shaker of RealSalt…just to try this ‘different’ product salt out and my husband and I became ‘hooked’ immediately on the fantastic taste. Of course, I then went to your web site and placed our first order.”
Charleen Singer, St. Cloud, Minnesota

“National Health & Wellness Club – I was sent a sample to test. We both liked it.”
Rita L. Quinn, Concord, NH

“I found RealSalt in St. George, Utah. Lordy it’s changed my life! I’ll never use traditional salt again. My cooking(including everything from eggs to taquitos) has recieved rave reviews when using RealSalt as contrasted with traditional salt. When I eat with RealSalt I am happy. What more can I ask? You too can find happiness in RealSalt!”
Larry Elson, Napa Valley,CA

“RealSalt is the only salt my husband can have and it doesn’t bother his blood pressure. After REAL SALT you can never go back to that “other” stuff.”
Amy Bergman, Montrose, CO

“Real Salt is the bomb!!! After dinner, it just feels as if I have something great inside. I’m never going back!!”
Gregory Young, Ruston, LA

“I am an out standing member with Health & Wellness Club and I was picked to test your ReaSalt and found it to be superb. I have a heart condition along with high blood pressure, and the RealSalt dosen’t bother me at all. Thank You.”
Joseph Kita, Clementon, NJ