If you’ve got an audience looking for natural, healthy products, Redmond brands make great blog posts. Our products are 100% natural and relatively unknown in mass markets, so they’re exciting for people to learn and talk about. If your readers would enjoy hearing from you about Earthpaste, Real Salt, Redmond Clay, or Redmond Bath Salt, we’re happy to support your blog.

Here’s how it works

Redmond isn’t a one-size-fits-all company, so we’ll ask about your blog, of course, but also a little bit about you. You’ll get the most out of the relationship if you’re a Redmond-y kind of person–someone who believes nature has it right, whose readers appreciate you because you’re real. We’ll try to understand your blog and not make you do things like everyone else, because you’re probably not like everyone else. (Unless you’re the only person out there who really is like everyone else, which I guess is logically impossible…)

Product reviews

It might make sense for us to send you an assortment of Redmond products we call our “blogger box.” The idea is for you to use the products and review them for your readers. Some bloggers get the whole product line done in one huge writeup, others take it a product at a time and get a handful of posts out of the blogger box.

The blogger box is free–but it doesn’t make sense for every blog. You can review one product or all of them. There is no obligation to rave about a product you don’t connect with.

Product giveaways

Often done in conjunction with a product review, this is pretty straightforward. We’ll ask your input on products your readers would love, and you can run a giveaway on your site. We’ll drop-ship to your winners, and send some goodies your way, too.

Discounts for your readers

Whether your blog has 100 or 100,000 followers, we can create a coupon code for your site. Coupons apply to specific products, brands, entire orders — you can help us decide what makes the most sense for your readers.