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By most standards, Redmond is a very different organization. In today’s business world, many companies exist around the idea that profit is the sole reason for existence and that employees are a means to that end. By contrast, Redmond’s philosophy is that profit is the means, but that the end goal is human development and life enhancement. This is evident in Redmond’s business practices, its commitment to improving the community, and its promise to provide continual growth opportunities for its employees.

Redmond Shared Values

Redmond is a place where…

…you can explore and search for your passions and unique gifts, work towards becoming the person you are capable of becoming, and make a unique contribution that matters, that truly makes a difference.

We are passionate about our work. We are a driving influence for good with each other. We are trustworthy, proactive, accountable, humble, and courageous. We are loyal  to principle, the company, and each other. And, we live the ideology “good enough never is.”

A strong devotion to these values allows us to fulfill our desire and obligation to serve, to create an enduring legacy, and to be a powerful influence for good in the world around us.

This is the Redmond opportunity.

Employee Quotes

“Redmond supports the fact that work life and home life should not be separate, but they should flow into each other. Redmond supports me in my home life and in turn I am willing to be flexible with work needs.”

“Redmond encourages us to better ourselves, not just as individuals, but for our families and communities as well.”

“I have read the stories of the 100 best companies to work for the past few years and I would not trade the overall culture of Redmond for any of these companies.”

“The values at Redmond are in sync with my own.”

“Redmond’s statement of purpose is to promote a better life for all involved, and make a contribution that is good. This is above making money. It’s hard to believe this until you are associated with this company, but it’s really true.”

“You don’t find too many Redmond’s out there. I am in a position now, that if I was offered another job, with a considerable amount of increased pay, I would not take it. The environment here is very positive. I look forward to going to work and being around the people I associate with.”

“At Redmond, we are just like family. I love coming to work. It is like I am performing a good service at a place I can have fun, receive support, understanding and appreciation. I have learned what a truly successful life is and am making great strides in achieving it.”

“I know of people who have come to Redmond from other places and can’t believe the freedoms and basic philosophy that is offered here. Some have a hard time adjusting to not being told what to do and how to do it. We concentrate on letting the person know what results we want to see. How they get there doesn’t matter.”

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