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Winter is traditionally a time of family, parties, celebration…and some serious blahs. Most of us simply don’t expect to feel our best during this season. It’s a shame since there is so much to enjoy about it, from winter sports to holiday traditions to the chance to curl up with your loved ones in front of a fire. We’d love to see more people making the most of the season, so we wanted to see how we could help. Turns out, salt can do a lot to give you a boost this winter.

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  • Make a Sinus Rinse – Dry air, forced heating, and fireplaces are just a few things launching an attack on your sinuses this winter––to say nothing of the germs you’re encountering at every turn. A sinus rinse can help keep you healthy and comfortable–– just ask any doctor or ear, nose, and throat specialist. Whether you opt for a Neti Pot or a squeeze bottle, try a saline solution made with Real Salt and distilled water to hydrate your nasal passages, minimize irritation, and clear congestion. To make, dissolve 1 teaspoon of salt in 1 cup of warm (not hot) water.


  • Give Your Dry Scalp Relief – Salt can be an effective treatment for dry scalps. Part your hair and sprinkle 1-2 teaspoons salt on the affected skin, then wet your fingers and gently massage your scalp for 10-15 minutes. Afterward, wash your hair with your usual products. The salt massage should lift existing flakes, increase circulation to your scalp, and absorb excess oils that can lead to dandruff. If you have psoriasis or another skin condition, check with your dermatologist before trying this.


  • Sip Solé – This saltwater solution offers necessary electrolytes affordably and without additives to help restore the balance that may be lost through illness, exertion, poor diet, or too many holiday spirits. Learn to make it here.
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  • Get Your Glow Back – Skin can get dull during winter. A gentle hydrating salt scrub can remove the uppermost layer of dead stuff, revealing the vibrant skin underneath. Exfoliating will also let your moisturizer absorb better and prompt your skin to make new cells, making that inner glow visible on the outside. Make a salt scrub using Real Salt Powder Sea Salt, a hydrating oil (olive, coconut, and grapeseed oil are good choices), and a couple of drops of a skin-improving essential oil like tea tree or rose. Very gently apply to clean skin in circular motions, then rinse.


  • Gargle – Your grandma was right: saltwater gargles are good for you. Gargling with a 0.9% saline solution (made with 1 teaspoon of salt in 1 cup of water) has a host of benefits like soothing a sore throat by reducing inflammation and swelling, reducing bacteria, and healing injuries that could create a pathway for infection. Next time your throat feels itchy, take Grammy’s advice and get gargling.


  • Slip Into a Bath – Many people have discovered the power of a bath to calm, de-stress, and ease muscle tension. Take the experience up a notch by adding bath salts to your next soak to soothe and soften tight, dry winter skin. Got sensitive skin? Our everything-free mineral bath salts are safe for almost everyone. Try them here.
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We hope you’ll give these tips for using salt to enhance your winter wellness a try. If you’ve got some tips of your own, let us know!

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