Not that long ago, being a foodie was reserved for a certain group of people. These days, it’s likely you know several people who proudly wear the label. Food and the love of it have become more of a cultural phenomenon than ever, thanks to cable channels devoted to it, TV competitions where we watch people prepare it, and grocers that stock far more exotic ingredients than they did 20 years ago. You’d think, then, it would be easy to buy gifts for foodies, but it often isn’t. Do better than yet another restaurant gift certificate with these 15 gifts for foodies–chosen by a foodie.

A Dinner Gamble 

Shake up dinner with these hand-engraved wooden dice by TwoTmbleweeds. Each die displays options for dinner components like protein, grain, or cooking method; simply shake and roll for tonight’s combination. Great for foodies who are confident in the kitchen and unafraid of going off-recipe. $34.00.

An Essential Text 

Burgeoning foodies or those who are wanting to learn how to make food worthy of their obsession need this book by Samin Nosrat. Written by a chef, it decodes the basic formula for cooking anything worth eating–salt, fat, acid, heat–and offers over 100 recipes with variations. $20.00.

A Preservative-Free Preserver 

Foodies love their avocado toast, but sometimes you can’t eat an entire avocado’s worth in one sitting and wasting any of the creamy fruit feels near-criminal. Enter the Evriholder Avo Saver. This contraption keeps halved avocados fresh longer, so a person can pace their avocado-based indulgences. $3.33.

Around the World in 15 Spices

Maybe you can’t send your food-loving friend to experience the world’s cuisines, but you can bring some of the flavors to them with the Gourmet Oil Dipping Spice Kit. Made with 15 spice blends characteristic of places like Morocco, Spain, and Italy, this set is sure to wake up their palette. $38.00.

Something Sentimental 

Remind them of their first food love by giving them an apron printed with a family recipe–in grandma’s handwriting. Simply send a photo of the recipe card to Etsy shop Zoey’s Attic and they’ll handle the rest. $35.00.

A Problem Solver 

Cutting cold butter is harder than it should be. The One Click Stick Butter Cutter ensures perfect pats every time, even if no one got the butter out ahead of time. Commercial-like pancake stacks? Order up. $11.64.

A Pendant for Their Penchant 

Is rice your foodie friend’s BFF?  Make the relationship official by giving them this rice cooker necklace from Etsy shop mehoi. Whimsical and high-quality, the 24K gold-plated charm is original artwork they won’t find anywhere else. $30.00.

New Flavors 

In the explosion of global cuisine onto American plates, Somali food has yet to have its moment in the sun. Let your foodie feel like they’re in on a secret by gifting them Tamarind Date Sauce or Coconut Cilantro Chutney from Basbaas, a line of sauces created by a Somali refugee. $9.00.

A Necessity with a Sense of Humor 

Liven up the worst part of cooking with punny dishtowels from Etsy shop Do Take It Personally. Made of microfiber, they’ll help get the work done and stay looking great, which is more than most kitchen helpers can promise. $12.95.

Party in a Box 

Take the stress out of entertaining with this well-curated gift box. Stocked with spreads, crackers, Marcona almonds, and a gorgeous olive wood bowl, all they’ll need to add is wine and cheese. $60.00.

Wearable Greens

Some people like greens enough to eat them and some people love greens enough to evangelize for them. Set the latter person up with a super soft tank top emblazoned with their leafy veg of choice. $29.95.

Named Nom-Noms

Anyone can make pie crust, but making pie crust with your name on it? That’s bake-off level stuff. Get them a laser-engraved Valek rolling pin with their name on it, so they can let everyone know who’s taking home the blue ribbon. $38.96.

A Silver Spoon, Upgraded 

Foodies and Instagram are like moths and flames. Give their feed an edge with eye-catching gold flatware. From a table setting to a solo shot, the modern shapes and matte finish will give everyone a serious case of Insta-envy. $79.95.

A Better Basic 

If anyone will be attuned to the flavor difference of quality spices and a never-bitter salt, it’s a foodie. Show them what they’ve been missing with our own Organic Seasoning Gift Box. Made with organic herbs and spices and Real Salt, it’s a delicious addition to any spice rack. $24.99.

A Dream Come True 

Homemade bacon is everything a foodie dreams of: flavorful, incredibly local, and worth bragging about. Your foodie friend will be in heaven with this DIY Bacon Kit, which allows them to make their own maple-cured pork delights. $19.95.

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